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NEW | Square Silicone Felt Chair Leg Glides - Groovy Slides

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Protect Your Floors with Square Silicone Felt Floor Protectors

Say Goodbye to Scratches and Noise!

Keep Your Floors Immaculate

Our chair leg protectors are a must-have for homeowners and businesses alike. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, these protectors ensure your floors remain scratch-free and pristine.

Effortless Gliding, Zero Noise

Tired of the cringe-inducing sound of chairs scraping across your floors? Our Square Silicone Felt Floor Protectors put an end to that. Experience smooth, silent chair movement that keeps your floors safe and your nerves calm.

Lasting Protection, No Hassle

Fed up with constantly replacing worn-out felt pads? Our solution is here. Crafted to endure, these protectors offer long-term safeguarding without the need for frequent replacements. Enjoy peace of mind and floor protection that lasts.