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Square Silicone Non Slip Floor Protector - Floor Protection

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Outdoor Square Silicone Chair Leg Protector

The Square Silicone Cap is made with long-lasting heavy-duty silicone to ensure Ultimate performance for commercial use.

Seamlessly blends into the furniture design without compromising the appearance.

'Simply Slots Over Existing Caps' 

Don't Look past this protector! It's one of the Best Protective measures for Timber / Vinyl / Cement / Coursed & Rough Flooring. Easy Safe & Reliable Silicone designed to protect BOTH your Furniture and Flooring!

Noticeable benefits you'll love!:

  • Heavy Duty (Comercial Grade) Silicone Protection
  • True long-lasting Silicone - Last for Years
  • Anti-Slip (Non-Slip) Technology
  • Stops Floor Scratches
  • Slots over existing chair cap
  • Chair & Floor Protection