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Gecko Slip-on Chair Leg Glides | Floor Protection

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Gecko Slip-on Chair Leg Glides

Enhance the longevity of your furniture and your floors with Slip-on Gecko Glides.

These glides are designed to effortlessly slide your furniture across various smooth surfaces, offering a seamless gliding experience.

Their robust design makes them especially resilient on thick carpets, ensuring optimal protection for both your furniture legs and your carpet.

Who's this for?:

Perfect for chairs placed on carpet surfaces, providing smooth gliding for furniture.

You'll Love:
  • Helps prevent floor damage
  • Glides over most smooth surfaces
  • Quick, easy application - slips over existing caps
  • Helps guard chair legs from the elements
  • Simply slips under the chair legs
  • 19mm - 20mm - (At a squeeze 21mm*)
  • 22mm - 23mm - (At a squeeze 24mm*)
  • 25mm - 26mm - (At a squeeze 27mm*)