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Gecko Screw-in Chair Leg Glides | Floor Protection

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Chair Caps Discount Table

Screw-in Gecko Furniture Glides

Chairs catching on the carpet, making it difficult to pull out a seat for dinner?

Presenting your next favourite investment! Stop Chair Vibrations, Noise, and Floor Scratches!

Gecko Glides aid in the reduction of early furniture wear and tear, which typically occurs with general furniture use. These Glides are nearly frictionless, reducing the day-to-day wear of loosening furniture joints.

The Gecko Glide, made of hydrophobic compounds, will have your chair or table gliding smoothly! It is unaffected by sticky surfaces or thick carpets.

Who's this for?:

The Gecko Glide is for anyone who has Timber Chairs or Tables on top of their carpet and wants to prevent snagging and carpet damage.

Applicable Flooring:

  • Tile
  • Vynil
  • Carpet
  • Timber Flooring*


Simply screw into the pre-existing holes in your Furniture Legs or drill a small pilot hole before installing.