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External Domed Black Chair Cap - Durable Replacement

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How can this protect?:

This Chair Cap serves as either a replacement cap or an upgrade to your existing caps. It easily slips over the bottom of your chair leg allowing for reduced noise and stopping wobbling, ultimately leading to a safer area for your occupants!

This Chair Cap Is Applicable For The Following Surfaces: 
  • Wood Flooring 
  • Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Cement Pavement 
  • Carpet Flooring
What is it?:

Plugin Chair Cap's or Better Known as "Chair Leg Protectors" are made from a hardened fabric. These Chair Caps have a high heat tolerance and a super durable shell that will withstand huge amounts of force. All Chair Caps come with a wax coating to help minimize noise and help either facilitate movement or reduce movement (Depending on the flooring or terrain).