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Black Clip-on Sled Chair Glide | Floor Protection

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Sled Clip-on Chair Glides

Black Clip-on Glides

Stop throwing away time & money on short-term solutions. For dependable, lasting protection, the Black Clip-on Glide offers unbeatable protection.

Made with a tough & reliable nylon sheath, this product firmly grips the sled chair bars, stopping them from spinning! Get a reliable fix & banish those outdated, discoloured clips! 🔥🤩


  • Glide effortlessly over timber, tiles, vinyl and ceramic flooring!
  • It aids in preventing scuffing and marking!
  • Boosts the chair's elevation by up to 5mm!
  • Drastically cuts chair squeaks and creaks, giving you a blissfully quiet workspace!
  • Eliminate chair wobbles for improved sturdiness and long-lasting use!


  • Remove any existing debris from the rail of the sled chairs before installing your Clip-On Glide for optimal floor protection!
  • Note: Have you double-checked the size of your purchase? Avoid spinning around the rail and make sure you get the perfect fit - we're happy to organise an exchange if needed!.