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Welcome to ChairLegCaps

Hi, I'm Kirk, the proud owner of ChairLegCaps. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create chair leg protectors that prevent costly and irreversible floor scratches. Armed with just one product and a van, I took to the streets, selling our protectors door-to-door. It wasn't easy, but our mission was clear โ€“ to protect your floors and furniture from unnecessary wear and tear.

A Turning Point

Our dedication paid off after two years when we landed a project at an aged care village. The residents needed non-slip chair leg protectors to prevent their furniture from sliding. For the elderly, stable support is crucial. A chair that stays put can make a significant difference in their daily lives. Installing our protectors for them was a moment of realization โ€“ our products don't just protect floors, they enhance safety and improve lives.

Our Impact

Seeing the gratitude from the residents was a turning point. We understood the real value of our products โ€“ they provide safety and peace of mind. This motivated us to expand our reach, offering our chair leg protectors to both commercial and domestic markets. Today, we are proud to help homeowners protect their floors and investments.

Why Choose ChairLegCaps?

  • Peace of Mind:ย No more worrying about scratches on your beautiful floors.
  • Safety:ย Non-slip protectors ensure stability, crucial for the elderly and children.
  • Quality:ย Over 900+ five-star reviews from satisfied customers.

We're Here for You

At ChairLegCaps, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Whether you need help finding the right size, placing an order, or making a return or exchange, we are here to assist you. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Thank you for considering ChairLegCaps for your chair leg protector needs. We look forward to helping you protect your floors and enhance the safety of your home. Discover the difference with ChairLegCaps โ€“ where quality meets care.