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Internal Square Chair Leg Protectors | Size 8mm to 48mm

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Black Square Internal Chair Leg Cap:

Enhanced Protection and Style

Once installed, the Leg Protectors reduce noise and provide stability for your furniture, allowing it to last longer and keep your space more secure.

The Internal Square Chair Leg Protectors also offer an aesthetic upgrade with their stylish design, so you can enjoy safe, quiet, and attractive dining.

These Internal Square Chair Leg Protectors guarantee a snug, stylish fit that'll last. With them, you can create a safe haven in your home, free from scratches and other harm to your floors.

Which size to get?

For instance, if your chair's dimensions are 20x20mm, the best-suited size is 18-20mm since this range accommodates 18x18, 19x19, and 20x20mm.

Applicable On:

  • Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Wood Flooring 
  • Cement Pavement