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NEW | Sled Chair Glides - Clear Felt

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Clear Felt Clip-on Glide

Stop wasting time & money on cheap ineffective solutions.

The Felt Clip-on Glide offers a robust long-lasting nylon shell. This enables a tight hold onĀ the sled chair rails ensuring noĀ free-spinningĀ occurs.

Our cherry on top is the addition of ourĀ FeltĀ x WoolĀ combination! With our unique Infused design, you canĀ expect the Felt toĀ Last 10x longerĀ than generic stick-on pads. AnotherĀ advantage is that you can stack your Sled Chairs, unlike the clips of other competitors.


  • Glides Sled Chairs over -Ā Timber / Tiles / Vinyl & Ceramic Flooring
  • StopĀ Sled ChairsĀ from Scratching Floors
  • Stop Sled ChairĀ Screetches
  • Stop Sled Chair wobbles
  • Does not get in the way of stacking the Sled Chairs